Our Services

Consultancy & Design

Starting each assignment with an appreciation of the client’s principle and expressed design wishes, concepts are worked out to meet expectations while adhering to Earthscape’s attributes. Budgets are carefully developed, considering factors like Arborist reports and fulfilment of the authorities-prescribed criteria before the award and commencement of the Design development.


Our garden creation experts manage and execute a host of diverse activities including both hardscape (wood decks and trellises, paving, water features, etc.) and softscape (planting) works.  The elaborate need for direction, control and effective execution is driven by Earthscape’s Operation team, who keeps progress and quality of work in check. The team’s practical expertise during construction ensures the accurate translation of the site into a landscape of beauty.


Perpetuation is a necessary operational duty we offer all our clients. Our services include the maintenance of both indoor and outdoor landscape, potted plants and Green Walls. Permanently stationed gardeners or scheduled garden services are vital for sustaining the quality of the artistry.


This service is an integral part of Earthscape’s service regime, necessary for renewing and refreshing the gardens’ natural beauty. We conduct physical assessments to i) identify good practices; ii) highlight areas for improvement; and iii) provide guidance on enhancing the landscape and garden. This service can also be engaged before the start of a project or for an existing project to develop a Landscape Management Plan.


At Earthscape, we are committed to sustainability, support biodiversity and seek to bring our customers convenience. As such, our services embrace tree rescue, conservation, fire-rated artificial plant substitutes and customised garden features and installations. Our clients trust us to deliver true Gardens of Beauty.