Business Philosophy


Earthscape Concepts has retained core attributes that makes the company unique in the world of Landscaping. Our services spans over the areas of design consultancy, landscape construction, garden audits and maintenance.

Integrating all these specialities Earthscape delivers:

  • Convenience- Engaging the client comprehensively to fulfil their expressed design preferences;
  • Eco-friendly- Ensuring that the standards of nature’s intentions are not compromised;
  • Balance- Enshrined is the vital interplay of the Feng Shui elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth.

Applying all these attributes in Earthscape’s approach to landscaping, harsh urban spaces are transformed into gardens of exceptional beauty; perpetuating earth’s natural beauty with panache, without detracting man’s quest for progress.

We know our flora and fauna and appreciate the influences of different environmental conditions of a balanced eco-friendly environment. We understand the special needs of users. We design and give life to stark living spaces.

We keep your landscape fresh with the magic of Earthscape Concepts’ attributes.