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Services Design Consultancy

Design Consultancy

From landscape enhancement to new buildings, we start by getting a design brief from you and/or visiting the site to evaluate its conditions, constraints and, more importantly, understand the needs and wishes. With your vision and the site’s intended function in mind, our designs include the proposal of suitable landscape solutions and best plant choices to deliver a sustainable garden. Customer satisfaction is key to us so through the process we will work closely with you and your team to meet your budget and expectations.

Since our setup in 2006, our Design team has come up with many award-winning designs – the most recent and prominent being part of the team who received the Design Award by HDB Awards 2018 for Waterway View, Punggol. Incorporating creativity with tried-and-tested methods, our team delivers alluring yet practical designs.

For BCA Green Mark, LEEDS, and other authority design guidelines, we incorporate all the calculations and requirements in the design to qualify.


Earthscape Service - Design and Build

Design and Build

We provide integrated solutions by looking at each project holistically including irrigation, lighting and the surrounding environment. After conceptualisation, we present you the plan and some mood pictures or perspective so you can visualise (and revise) the details before developing the design further and eventually the installation. With our extensive knowledge, our experienced team ensures conditions are met during implementation for optimal landscape beauty and wellness.

In Singapore Garden Festival 2018, we were awarded SILVER FOR VIS-À-VIS, a balcony garden we designed and built. In LIAS Excellence Award 2015 under Design & Build category, we won SILVER FOR A RESIDENTIAL PROJECT IN GALLOP PARK.

Based on your requirements, we can deliver rain gardens, sky gardens, bioswales, vegetable gardens, herb and spice gardens, and even sensory gardens – you name it, we’ll make it happen.

Services Project-Implementation

Project Implementation

Our garden creation experts manage and execute a host of diverse activities including both hardscape (wood decks and trellises, paving, water features, etc.) and softscape (planting) works. The elaborate need for direction, control and effective execution is driven by Earthscape’s Operations team who keeps progress and quality of work in check. Along with safety compliance and environmental considerations, the team’s practical expertise during construction ensures the accurate translation of the site from paper into a landscape of beauty.

In Singapore Garden Festival 2018, as project implementers, we received Gold for The Green Retreat designed by Mr Paul Martin from Ireland. Other recent implementation projects we are proud of GSK in Rochester, which involved heritage trees’ conservation, and Canossaville, a school for children with special needs, which has a sensory garden.

Following implementation, it is important for an inspection by a Horticulturist and to have integrated maintenance to ensure proper establishment of plantings.


Earthscape Services - Integrated Landscape Maintenance

Integrated Landscape Maintenance

To maintain and sustain the health and beauty of your plants and garden, we highly recommend an audit to be conducted prior to the development of a landscape management plan. We cover both indoor and outdoor landscape, potted plants and green walls. We have dedicated teams to provide regular maintenance and can also arrange for permanently stationed gardeners for your site.

Landscape maintenance is even more crucial for existing gardens. Over time and with lack of proper care, many gardens end up spent in a matter of several years, often being left with compacted soil, heavily shedding plants and/or fruit trees that no longer fruit. With our dedicated team and integrated maintenance programme, gardens like these can be revived and transformed.

At Earthscape, we encourage our customers to consider environmentally responsible solutions. If chemical treatment is required, we are careful to use only what is necessary. We also offer chemical-free, bio-organic-based and non-harmful treatments to all our clients’ gardens. Depending on the health condition of your plant, sometimes you may need more elaborate treatments such as pollarding and even removal. This will be diagnosed by our Arborist and/or Horticulturist.

Earthscape Services

Arboriculture and Horticulture Consultancy and Audit

An audit is necessary to understand the condition of your landscape. With their extensive knowledge and decades of industry experience, our Arborist and/or Horticulturist will conduct a physical assessment to i) identify good practices; ii) highlight areas for improvement; iii) establish existing and/or potential hazards and problems; and iv) provide guidance on enhancing the softscape (plants).

This service can be engaged before the start of a project or for an existing project to develop a Landscape Management Plan. For pre-project audits, you can determine the healthy trees to preserve and those that are structurally unsound which requires immediate attention. Early identification of problem areas will save you the liability and hazard caused by failed trees, especially in Singapore where we experience heavy rain and strong winds.

Healthy plants and trees are important for public safety not just physically (e.g. fallen tree, flooding), but also as they maintain the balance in the ecosystem and keeps out pests. Besides, there are many benefits we already know of greenery to the planet and our personal wellbeing.

Earthscape Services
Corporate Plant Rental

There are thousands of reports on the benefits of indoor plants. These include their ability to reduce carbon dioxide, airborne dust and carcinogens such as Volatile Organic Compounds which can be found in paints, printer inks, and cleaning agents. Plants are also found to reduce stress, improve workplace creativity and boost productivity. The list goes on and it is no wonder over the years we see an increasing trend in offices incorporating plants such as potted ones and green walls.

Plant rental starts at $3/pot monthly and this fee includes maintenance. We also offer custom pots to seamlessly blend in with your interior design. Our maintenance teams provide plant service any day of the week to suit your requirements. Usually, our team is scheduled to visit every two weeks to do the watering, trimming, plant replacement and general sprucing.

Our clientele includes banks, clubs, hotels and corporate offices.

Earthscape Services

Other Value-added Services

At Earthscape, we promote sustainability, biodiversity and are committed to providing convenience for all our customers. Besides all of the above, other services include:

a. event decoration (e.g. Christmas, Chinese New Year, wedding);

b. green roof and green wall grants;

c. fire-rated artificial plants (Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR™) Foliage) and green wall; and

d. other customised garden features (e.g. carved stones, water features, custom pots and art pieces)