Our Services


A harmonious working team each with their specialised skill effectively combining their collective efforts to deliver landscapes of distinction.

  • Our Founder

A longstanding member of the landscape industry, Lily Chee graduated from the School of Ornamental Horticulture in 1984 in Horticulture and Garden Design. In 1977, she completed her education in Business Administration. Her experience covered areas of nursery management, propagation and marketing of new hybrid plants, contract management of landscape projects of L5 categories, teaching at CUGE and NAFA.

In 2006, Lily started Earthscape Concepts to pursue her interest in integrating the different specialities of horticulture, garden design, landscape construction, garden audits and effective sustainability of Earthscape Concepts’  gardens through well supported maintenance regimes; a hallmark of the Earthscape Concepts’ brand quality.

  • Design Team

The group has diverse strengths. Starting each assignment with a well-researched appreciation of the client’s parameters and expressed design wishes. Design concepts painstakingly worked out to expectations while adhering to the Earthscape attributes. Budgets are carefully developed with the expected planting and design intentions for tenders. Preliminary engagement with all the qualified professionals are sought including arborist reports and fulfilment of the authorities prescribed criteria before the award and commencement of the contract.

The team’s practical expertise during construction of the landscape ensures that the transformation of the site to a landscapes of beauty are achieved upon completion.

  • Operations Team
  1. Build

Construction and garden creation expertise is drawn from Earthscape’s personnel with multiple skills to supervise and execute a host of diverse activities such as irrigation, wet works, water features, plants and trees installation, garden decorative & recreational installations must all come together to the creation come to fruition. The elaborate needs of direction, control and effective execution is driven by Earthscape’s Operation team. Monitoring, audits, minimising wastage and abortive work and timely feedbacks keeps progress and quality of work in check.

  1. Maintenance

Perpetuating Earthscape designed and installed gardens are necessary operational duties which we offer all our clients. Besides the landscape and gardens Earthscape services include the maintenance of indoor plants and gardens. Permanent station gardener or scheduled garden services ensures the continuity of Earthscape’s maintained, designed and installed gardens.

  • Audits

This service is an integral part of Earthscape’s service regime, necessary for renewing and refreshing the gardens’ natural beauty.

  • Specials

To stay true to our attributes of convenience, eco-friendly and balance, Earthscape services embraces tree rescue, conservation, fire-rated artificial plant substitutes, customised garden features and installations, floral and plant decoration for events and festivities.

Earthscape Concepts can be relied on to deliver Gardens of Beauty.